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Property tax return 2022 – our offer for all owners.

Save yourself effort and hassle in connection with the property tax reform. We will prepare the property tax return for you by 31.10.2022.

The property tax reform has changed a lot for property owners. A large number of new obligations have been added that must be fulfilled by law. In addition, the properties will be revalued. We support you comprehensively, service-oriented and transparently.

Duties for landowners.

What you need to look out for.

The previous property tax was unconstitutional, so the legislature worked out a reform. For you as a property owner, this results in the obligation to submit a tax return for each of your properties in 2022.

The declaration for the determination of property tax values must be submitted by 31.10.2022.

The tax office needs information about your property, and country-specific requirements must also be taken into account. There are significant penalties for non-compliance.

This is how we work together.

Step by step to your simple tax return.

  • Commissioning
    You order a declaration for each plot.
  • Your personal registration
    Inkl. Pre-entry of your basic data in the special property tax software.
  • Inputs
    Collection and reconciliation of individual property data.
  • Check
    We check your data for plausibility.
  • Preparation
    Our real estate experts prepare the property tax return for you, taking into account the country-specific requirements and the scope for structuring.
  • Submission
    We submit the declaration to the competent tax office after your release.

Our offer for you.

We will prepare a property tax return for you per property.


Software access.

Preparing the property tax return.

Clarification of your queries.

Transmission of the property tax return.

Commission us now. We look forward to seeing you.

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