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Everyone is talking about digitization – with us, you benefit from it.

Discover our digital range of services: We offer digital data exchange, digital accounting and personnel files as well as digitization consulting for your company.

Digitization serves only one goal for us: to make collaboration and business processes easier and more efficient for our clients.

Your needs are individual – so is our offer.

To this end, we address your individual needs and offer you the digital solutions that really help you. You will be supported by our own team of digitization specialists, who will provide you with comprehensive support and advice.

Digital financial accounting – Company online

With us, annoying paperwork goes into the archive – forever.

Whether incoming and outgoing invoices, cash receipts, contracts or business papers – a large number of documents accumulate in your company in a short time. Printing, organizing and filing all of this takes valuable time and resources – and is fortunately a thing of the past.

Printing out, Stapling und Filing belong to the past.

With us, you can digitize all your tax-related document exchange, simplifying processes and reducing costs. The first and easiest step for you to benefit from the possibilities of digital tax consulting.

Digital financial accounting – simple, fast, clear.

With the “Unternehmen Online” program from our software partner DATEV, you get a convenient and affordable way to digitize your entire accounting and process it in a secure cloud. The result: simple processes and more efficient collaboration.

Digital financial accounting with DATEV explained simply:

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Digital income tax file – My taxes

Finally! The tax folder goes digital.

Provide tax documents securely and conveniently.

With the cloud solution “DATEV My Taxes” you can provide receipts for the tax return independent of location and time. “DATEV My Taxes” becomes your digital tax file. In the future, you will be able to digitally sign off on your tax return. Your tax returns, tax notices and correspondence can all be found in the cloud.

“DATEV My Taxes” explained simply:

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Digital wage file

The only case where it is good to reduce employees to a number.

Your personnel data can also be recorded digitally – allowing you to achieve positive effects here as well. Via a digital personnel file, documents such as employment contracts, enrolment certificates, salary data, etc. are recorded and thus made available for more efficient, resource-saving processing.

Give your data a new, secure home.

The highly sensitive data is made available to us and you via the secure DATEV cloud. This allows the data to be processed directly by you and by us, eliminating the cumbersome exchange via encrypted emails.

More efficiency for your human resources.

Pay adjustments, promotions, bonuses, etc. – things are always changing in human resources. Each of these processes can now be entered directly by you and processed by us. The effect: more direct communication channels and more efficiency.

Digital payroll file with DATEV explained simply:

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Digitisation consulting

You have the goal, we know the way.

Do you want to digitalise your business processes and make them leaner and more efficient? Then we should get talking.

We offer you a variety of different consulting services with which your company can achieve positive digitalisation effects.

And don’t worry, this does not mean that all processes in the company have to be immediately restructured at great expense. With just a few simple measures, you can make a successful start to the digitisation of your business processes.

Proximity is not a question of your location.

Of course, we prefer personal contact, but everyday life doesn’t always allow for that. That is why we offer you the possibility of optimal online cooperation with our remote client support.

A direct computer-to-computer connection allows us to access, view and control your PC. No programme needs to be installed to use the remote client support.

To the remote support module on

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